Android Watch Notifications

IDS 2 App will work with a Smart Watch operating on Android OS and paired to an Android based phone that is running the IDS 2 Android App.

Samsung is making its own smartwatches running Tizen, not Android, as an OS. As such, IDS cant guarantee a Samsung Smart Watch will work with the IDS 2 App Notifications.

Once you have paired your Smart Watch to your Android based phone, then logged into the IDS 2 App on that Android based phone, when a new shipment has been dispatched to you or an old shipment has been removed, you will receive a notification on your watch.

Simply swipe the notification up to reveal the message.

Then swipe sideways, tap the "Open on Phone" button, to open the trip up on your phone.

Please refer to your Smart Watch's manufacturer on how to pair your watch with your phone or if you are having any issues with pairing the watch and the phone.