iPhone and Apple Support

Does or will IDS support iPhones, iPads and iOS.

IDS recognizes the popularity of Apple's products such as iPhones, iPads and Computers.

IDS is a fully supported software solution, meaning, unlike our competitors, you can access IDS's Support Team without any extra costs. We also understand that issues have a direct effect on your business, your clients and your staff. That means IDS has to build apps and client software that is more robust and can handle more extreme real life issues than your average app or software client.

Since its' inception, iPhones and iPads have had a closed Operating System (OS) that results in important parts of the phone's software being closed off to app developers. 

That means IDS's developers cant access the parts of the phone's operating system that keeps our App running regardless of whats happening in the real world. An iPhone will decide to close the IDS app on its own, without any notifications to the driver or the dispatcher. 

It also means that certain functionality, such as GPS tracking, is either blocked or is limited by Apple. 

For more details, please read: http://www.howtogeek.com/217593/android-is-open-and-ios-is-closed-but-what-does-that-mean-to-you/

Beyond limiting functionality of our app to a level IDS cant reasonable support, Apple also adds a significant amount of bureaucracy and cost to app developers. To cover our costs, IDS would have to charge a higher price for iPhone, iPad and Apple users. That would mean users would be paying more for an app that does less.

When and if Apple does change their business practices, we will support their platform.