IDS Core Tutorials

The following is a list of Tutorials for IDS Core.
IDS Core is the PC Client that is used by your staff to manage Shipments, Staff, Addresses and Accounts.

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Accessing the Online Manual from within IDS Core

How to access the Online Manual

How to Download and Install IDS Core

How to download and install IDS Core

How to Uninstall IDS Core

How to uninstall IDS Core.

How to Update IDS Core

How to update IDS

How to Login to IDS Core

How to Login

Control the IDS Core Application Container

This includes:

  1. Top Level Hot Keys

  2. How to zoom in and out.

  3. How to resize IDS Core

  4. How to undock and re-dock tabs

  5. See what version of IDS Core you are using.

  6. How to Log/Sign Out

How to Control the IDS Core Applications Container

How to Update and Edit your IDS Core Set Up

How to edit Preferences
How to edit Staff Roles.
How to edit the Rate Wizard - This include Service Levels, Package Types and Zones
How to set up/edit Auto Dispatching by Zone/Postal Code/Zip

How to Use the Inventory Products Tab

How to manage inventory and products

What are products and how can you add content and inventory to a package?
What is Product, Content and Inventory.

How to Use the Shipment Entry Tab

This includes:

  1. Entering in a new shipment.

  2. How to print a waybill/shipping label.

  3. How to select a waybill/shipping label printer.

  4. How to track a shipment.

How to use the Shipment Entry Tab
How to audit a Shipment
How to add contents to a shipment's package

How to Use the Advanced Shipment Tab

This includes:

  1. How to make bulk using shipments

  2. How to bulk add products to shipments.

  3. How to create bulk Returns shipments

How to use the Advanced Shipment Tab

How to Import Shipment

How to import shipments into IDS using a CSV file

Importing Shipments.

How to Use the Search Tab

This includes:

  1. How to search shipments

  2. How to mass edit shipments.

  3. How to export/copy shipments as a CSV.

How to search shipments

How to Dispatch Shipments

This includes:

  1. How to use the Dispatch Tab

  2. How to use the Drivers Tab

  3. How to GPS Track your drivers.

  4. How to manually change shipments' statuses

  5. How to see if shipments have been received and read by a driver

How to Dispatch Shipments

How to Create Reports

How to use the Reports Tab

How to Audit

This includes:

  1. How to audit a Staff Record

  2. How to audit a shipment

How to Audit

How to Manage Customers

This includes:

  1. How to create and edit a customer account.

  2. How to manage your customer’s address book.

  3. How to import addresses.

How to manage customers

How to Manage Staff Members

This includes:

  1. How to create a new staff member.

  2. How to create a new driver

  3. How to disable a user.

How to manage Staff Members

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How to Create Driver/Staff Shift Rates.

This includes.

  1. How to Create a Shift Rate.

  2. How to Test a Shift Rate.

  3. How to delete a Shift Rate

How to Manage Shift Rates