How to GPS Track Drivers

This article describes how to GPS Track Drivers in IDS 2 Dispatch PC Client.

From the Drivers Board (How to Use The Drivers Boards to Monitor Shipments and Drivers and reassign Shipments)

  1. Right click anywhere on Drivers Board
  2. Then select "Map Drivers".

    (This will open the GPS Driver Map in your Internet Browser (Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, etc).
  3. Locate the driver(s) you wish to track by ticking the box beside their name.

    (please note, the GPS map uses Cookies to save which drivers have been ticked so that when you open up the map in again, it will remember how you left it).
  4. To find a driver, you can:
    1. Select Control and F at the same time. Then type in the name of that driver.
    2. Use the scroll bar located to the right of the list of drivers
  5. If you tick a driver and the map is locating them off the coast of Africa. That means the phone is not sending the IDS 2 App GPS Coordinates, for help with this, please read this article: GPS Tracking Issue

Viewing history for a driver

Today's history
To view today's recent history select the number of hours to go back from the dropdown next to the driver's name.


Previous day's history
To select a previous day:

  1. Choose the date from the top of the driver's list
  2. Enter the starting hour in 24hr format (ie. 1pm is 13) in the 24hr box
  3. Select the desired number of hours to view forwards from that point in the dropdown next to the driver's name.

Previous Day

Once a previous day has been viewed the dropdown hour selection moves ''forwards'' in time, instead of in reverse. Close and re-open the map to reset this behaviour

Driver stops

Every time a driver has stopped for more than 10 minutes in a 110 meter area a red octagon is drawn surrounding the area. Attached to the octagon is an info box showing the stopping and leaving time and a location pin which, when clicked, displays an ''approximate'' address of the location.

Address Shown

The address shown is an approximation only, ''not'' a definitive address. The location pin will be on the closest published road to the driver's location, not all private roads are listed.